Friday, November 21, 2014

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Hello and good day to anyone. 
For those who remember, Matt Wilkie was selling a bikini bar located in Cebu Philippines  where he lives. 

At the time, he had an ad on Philippines under his now defunct 
(I think) website tropicalpenpals. This was a couple of years ago, Google doesn't have a cached page of this ad, only a trace like this: 
You may have to click on to enlarge it. 

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Basically, what the ad was saying is this:
" I am advertising this on behalf of a friend of mine who owns a bikini bar in Cebu. He's currently looking to retire and looking to sell the business. 
The business is generating regular profitable income and is for sale at P1.5m (one million five hundred thousand Philippines Pesos) 

It also has had a recent makeover and lighting system which cost another P1.5 million. It's purely down to the fact my friend is retiring the business has gone up for sale. 

It's turning a sustainable profit and would be a good investestment for someone looking for this type of business and if kept running with the current setup I would expect you to have recouped your investment in less than a year.  

You are welcome to contact me directly and I will pass you on to the owner who can provide you with all the information you need."
Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

 Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.
You can see the author of the ad to the right on top  Matt Wilkie tropical penpals
Matt Wilkie couldn't find a buyer, even though he was a partner at this bar, he preferred, for obvious reasons, not to mention it. We understand that...

But we understand also how genius and creative Matt is in business and he showed it us once again. 
In effect, with Evan's help he found a solution better than sell it to someone else, he opted for this: Why sell it? Such a profitable business? 

The partner wants to retire, too old, But Matt has a good reputation in the nightlife world in Cebu, young in age, the potential of making money was great, no failure here! Even better, he doesn't need to pay 1.5 million, he can negotiate the partner's part and let him go. Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

So, they settled the price for the half of it. All Mat had to do, is come up with 750K pesos and there you go! Own the whole thing! 
But there is a little problem. Matt doesn't have the money. It's about 16 thousand US Dollars but he had never seen or had that kind of money in his possession. But Evan always here to help. He found the solution for him.

Now, before we go on the details, it's about time time for everyone to understand what a bikini bar is all about. 

Understanding bikini bars. Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale. 

Wikipedia has the information under the keyword "Strip club" will provide you with useful information on the activities of these bars. 
There is also a site originally written by Christopher Bennetts providing us with an explicit picture about what a bikini bar girl looks like with some comments included. Here is what Chris said:

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to f... a lot and it is easy to find them for little money.
Stay away from a place called MB’s Tavern. It is full of a gang called The Outsiders. They ride motorcycles and try very hard to act bad, but they are a bunch of pussys who have to band together to feel safe.
Mostly they are Norwegian and Germans. They are over the hill-old men trying to be like young Marlon Brando, but they only succeed in buying p....y, Which anyone can do in the Philippines. They are comical wearing leather vests with “outsiders” written on the back like someone from an old comic book! Ha!
They are a bunch of loosers and are infecting the girls at MB’s Tavern with drippy dick. Two of my friends got drippy dick picking up girls at that MB’s.
The president of the outsiders club is a German Named Michael who brags that he has had drippy dick so many times that his doctor warned him that he was immune to most of the vaccines that cure it! This man is so stupid he tells this story out loud to virtually every one he meets! Very Stupid Man.
MB’s Tavern is another great place to get p....y. Mikel, the owner has a small hotel located directly on the college campus and he has a 3 ring-binder with willing college students listed inside. Prices depend on the girls, runs about 1500 for an all night bang, and Mikel gets 500 for the room. But don’t eat at the Tavern! I had the shits for 5 days. If you get the runs, there’s a pill you can buy at the pharmacy called Immodium. It works. It’s hard to f...k when you have to run to the toilet between strokes.
Basically, a bikini bar in Cebu is nothing else than a disguised brothel makes it look like a dancing, in reality, you chose a girl, you pay the owner of the bar the bar fine price (not to the girl), you take the girl out for the night, she comes back the next day to get her share from the owner, usually the third of the price the client paid.

Back to our story, Matt didn't know Chris Bennetts yet, but Evan did know him very well, as both were members of the Rotary Club  we help each other in business, so me knowing both Matt Wilkie and Chris made arrangements for them to partner. And it worked. Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.

Matt became the executive manager of the association managing the very day operations of the bar, making sure the girls get regular medical health checks as required by law, keeping the bar fine accounting etc, etc..

Christopher Bennetts on the other side was in charge of providing the girls, something he knows better, and Paul Petrea, (They were good friends then) was sending customers from his Living in Cebu forums. Same from Ron Miller and Mark Overly both own "specialized"websites and forums.

Next in few days: Why the deal turned sour, the showdown between Matt and all the partners mentioned above, the BPO 24 hour venture and more.
Matt Wilkie-Philippines bikini bar still on sale.