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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines

A collection of blogs and links about an Expat living in the Philippines for nearly 6 years. 

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines
Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines
working in the oil field
Matt Wilkie is coming from St Johns Worcester UK, working out of his house in Miglanila in the island of Cebu. He's heavily Involved in the community trough blogs and other projects the nature of the projects consists of depending who you ask. 

Like any public figure expat living in the Philippines he has friends supporting him but also has his critiques and opponents. Engines like Google and others have a rich content on Matt Wilkie's activities posted by various sources.

Since Matt Wilkie is a very creative, intelligent and hard working friend We thought he deserves a bit of our time to sort out who writes what and why. 

Matt Wilkie has been a long time friend of Evan Iliadis, he has collaborated with him in many "sexpats operations", the first was providing useful information about a few wanted people living in his area to the second who lives in France.

Last week, a Newspaper, The "Worcester News" in St Join's Worcester,
(Matt wilkie's home town) posted information about the Yolanda typhoon situation in the Philippines as follows.

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines
Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines

  " THE howling winds of Typhoon Haiyan and its aftermath have been described by a Worcester man living in the Philippines.
Matt Wilkie, who left St John’s, Worcester, six years ago, was at his home in Minglanilla, Cebu, in the Philippines when the storm hit.
The typhoon struck the coastal provinces of Leyte and Samar on Friday and then headed west through six central Philippine islands". Read more:

But his objectiveness and accuracy of the situation was quickly challenged by one of his friends that knows him very well and had this to say on a blog under the title of 


Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines
Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines
"I’m here today to put the record straight on Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines you hosted on your blog last week. My first question would be: Do you know the guy?  Matt Wilkie? Probably not. I’ll direct you soon to his record, but first I was wondering, how a quality content blog can afford such a mediocre report written by a sexpat living in the Philippines?
Matt Wilkie know less than you about the typhoon, nothing happened to his area, he hasn’t helped any one, he’s taking advantage of the situation, like many others in the Philippines low life expat and sexpat community, to once again cover up his crooked business including prostitution and scamming he’s involved." Read more

On the same subject and in another entry of the same blog, the author is challenging Matt Wilkie's compassion for the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda accusing him of using his FB account for his own image making. He said this:

Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda.

"Matt Wilkie on Typhoon Yolanda. Matt Wilkie Philanthropist? No!
Suddenly, everyone look for his share of a good doer, thanks to others’ misery. Some have gone as far as creating disasters for raising funds, goods and other donations “for the victims”. The recent earthquake in Bohol followed by the devastating typhoon in Leyte Philippines confirmed once again not all NGO, pseudo-NGO, local governments, politicians and “philanthropists” are equal.Matt Wilkie is not an exception. In a comic and amateurish way wants you to believe that he cares for the community he lives in. But many think otherwise. Here is something from his FB page." Read More

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